Essay on The Politics Of The United States

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The democratically elected candidates that have held the office of President and lesser federal and state offices have had a role in limiting the political input of voters by marginalize the majority of the electorate in the United States by enacting policies that favor the minority of wealthy factions. This shows that the majority of the American electorate is woefully unknowledgeable, therefore, compromising the institution of Democracy. The evidence that the American electorate is unknowledgeable is fairly apparent when you observe the fact that the two leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination consist of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson (Reuters, 11/31/2015); a billionaire business mogul and reality television personality and a retired neurosurgeon. The American electorate is in the midst of possibly nominating two men to the highest elected office, who lack legitimate knowledge of politics and there institutional functions. Furthermore, and more importantly both candidates, if elected, pose a great threat to the fabric of democracy in the United Sates. For example, Donald Trump supports keeping a database for Muslims living in America (citizen and non-citizens) so as to track their activities in an attempt to thwart terrorism; similar to the policies enacted under Hitler in Nazi Germany in regards to German Jews. In addition, Trump if elected, plans to withdraw social safety net support from U.S citizens who were born to parents without legal…

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