What Happened To The Cuban Missile Crisis?

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On this essay, I will be responding my thesis about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Since the Cuban revolution happened in 1959, problematic situations and tensions increased mainly between the United States, Cuba and the USSR. Before Castro’s revolution, the United States had heavy political and economical influence on the Cuban island, due to 1895, where the Americans helped the Cubans fight against the Spanish.

Fidel Castro, belonged to the Communist party. When he got to power in 1959, he believed in a free and independent Cuba and so, the United States was totally capitalist, Fidel Castro saw as no-sense having a communist government trading, selling and buying resources from a capitalist government, and even worse, capitalist having political
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Because the SAC (Strategic Air Command) was moved to DEFCON 2. Since the SAC was switched to DEFCON 2, president Kennedy had 50 nuclear bombers all the time in the air in any case the Soviet and Cuban Government launched their first strike. So these bombers were constantly refueling and flying about 48 hours (2 days aprox) constantly in the air. On October 27 - 1962, a U2 spy plane was shut down by the Cuban army. The commanders of the United States Army and the majority of the ExComm members, demanded an offensive response, but Kennedy decided to solve it diplomatically avoiding war. On that same day, 27 Oct 1962, a United States ship which had in quarantine to the Cuban Island spotted a Soviet Submarine and they deployed charges to force the submarine to the surface, they did not destroy it. The captain from this soviet submarine came really close to fire a submarine torpedo. So, this was the closest time man kind could have got closer to World War Three. Due to the decisions of President Kennedy of not responding aggressively, instead solving it diplomatically and to the Soviet Government who did not respond aggressively to any of the US determinations, and the Submarine commander which came really close to fire a nuclear torpedo. If a United States ship would be hit by a nuclear torpedo, war would clearly broke out, possibly being the shortest one because only missle launching from both countries Soviet and United states would be made, but it would be the worst war in human history. This is the closest, human kind has been close to the worst nuclear

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