The Police Body Cameras On Duty Essay

1237 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Law enforcement using the response to resistance technique incidents has dropped fifty-three percent, and citizen complains about officers has also declined approximately sixty-five percent (Wing 2015). Statistics show that officers wearing body camera had been increasingly attentive than ever; this also reduces the number of civilians injured by officers wearing the body camera, and the injuries to themselves. Police officers should be required to wear body cameras while on duty because it formed trust between police and civilians, creates better performance by the officers and community, and provides proof against fabricated claims.
Critics imply that wearing body cameras would invade police confidentiality because the cameras would have to be on during every step. Additionally, critics highlight that the body cameras will make law enforcement accountable for their actions that happen while the video is on, and not for the citizens. Opponents of the body cameras have argued that body cameras will have a different effect than what is intended. As stated in the Police body camera article, cameras would stop them from doing their jobs because the cameras would divert the officers’ focus, and impede their capability to act and respond to troubling situations (2015). Some think that body cameras will make the justice system more corrupted, which already is deeply invested in the police favor (Kelsh 2015). And yet, body cameras will make the police more accountable no matter…

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