The Poetic World Of Vievee Francis Essay

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Title: The Poetic World of Vievee Francis – Analysis of Forest Primeval

The poet, Vievee Francis, opens her book, Forest Primeval, with two short poems, “Another Antipastoral” and “White Mountain”. These two poems show broader thoughts of Francis such as how she sees and feels the world surrounding her as she introduces her new book of poems. A book of poems may have a number of different thoughts in each poem, but the different thoughts actually comes from one writer so the main notion behind the poet can be recognized. In the first introductory poem, “Another Antipastoral”, Francis confesses the difficulty of using words as a poet to wholly express her thoughts and feelings, “…Words fail me here. Can you understand? I sink to / my knees tired or not…” (line 4-5), “How could I know what slept inside? …” (line 12). In the next introductory poem, “White Mountain”, Francis describes her world as being shaken by wind as strong as the wind could shake the stone house, and her as being stumbling in the wind without having enough protection from the gale, “There’s a wind here so strong it shakes this stone house.” (line 1), and “ I’m stumbling in a thin coat that flaps at my sides. …” (line 10). Even though her life may have been filled with pain and anguish and she is still struggling to survive, the poet never stop searching for an answer, “ A howl from pain and cold, a particular anguish ¬¬¬¬¬— / not a foot in a trap, but a foot in a trap and the snow getting deeper. …”…

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