The Poem ' In Marie De France 's Breton Lay Essay

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Indeed, regardless of how many different modern fictional narratives there are, they all posses certain elements that make them “short stories.” In Marie de France’s Breton lay (or poetic narrative), “Eliduc,” a knight named Eliduc has his fidelity challenged by a princess that he meets in his journey away from his wife. Though this piece of literature was originally written as a mere poem, it possesses some elements that are common to modern day fictional narratives. Though this Breton lay lacks some of the elements usually present in modern fictional narratives, it still possesses short story elements such as character development, conflicts and themes that definitely qualify it as a forerunner of modern short stories. To begin with, though “Eliduc” was written as a mere poem, it undoubtedly possesses the short story element known character and character development. As the name of this poetic narrative suggest, the lay of “Eliduc” revolves around a central character, a knight by name of Eliduc. Additionally, throughout the narrative his character noticeably develops from a husband bound by a “marriage of trust and love” (Marie 109), to an adulterer who falls “wildly in love” with a princess from another kingdom (Marie 117) and finally to a devout servant of God who builds a church “endowed is with all his money and the greater part of his property” (Marie 125). Though, Marie de France may not have intended this Breton lay to be anything more, it certainly showcases…

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