The Plight Of Captive Killer Whales Essay

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The Plight of Captive Killer Whales
Between 1966 and 1970, more than 200 orcas were captured from Puget Sound, Washington to fill marine parks like SeaWorld (“Historical”). Ted Griffin and Don Goldsberry invented a technique to catch them. Boats herded the animals into a bay where the men deployed a net to catch them (Blackfish; “Historical”). As the men were closing the nets, they used explosives to herd escaping killer whales back into the nets (Kirby 153). Ralph Munro, an assistant to Dan Adams—the Washington State governor at the time—saw explosions during the capture and reported it to the state of Washington. Washington filed a lawsuit, saying that SeaWorld was using inhumane means to catch killer whales. This violated their Washington permit, so it was revoked (Kirby 153-4). Goldsberry, as directed by SeaWorld, then turned to the coasts of Iceland where his team caught nine more orcas between 1976 and 1979 (“Historical”). Many of the cetaceans died, some were released, and the rest were sent to SeaWorld and other marine parks to be trained for shows (Kirby 153). Not only was the capture of these animals inhumane, but their living situation at marine parks is unethical and may be detrimental for them. Orcas should not be living in captivity because it creates an unnatural and inhumane atmosphere, which leads to aggression and attacks on trainers. Consequently, people should boycott companies like SeaWorld, hopefully prompting these companies to release their killer…

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