The Plant 's Vice President Essay

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Case Overview The plant’s Vice President, David, hired Paula to be the Organisational Manager without discussing with his leadership counterparts that there was a need for such recruitment. Particularly, the human resource manager, Harvey, was angry because, despite Paula reporting to him, she would do David’s assignments. The process of transforming the organisation began with Paula leading it, but she failed to include Harvey or others in the organisation’s leadership in the process. Consequently, Harvey involved Joe, the plant manager, in sabotaging Paula’s efforts. Harvey took all employees working under Paula and left her with one, which led Paula’s to report the issue eventually to David. Paula’s frustrations meant she couldn’t realize more success, and she left the plant after three years. David also left, but he transferred to another plant within the organisation. The transformational changes brought by David and Paula had made the Texas plant the best within the company. However, after their departure, things started going back to how they used to be before Paula’s arrival, making the Texas plant the worst within the organization (Dixon & Hart, 2010).
Case Assessment
a. The internal and external drivers for change at the Texas Plant.
One of the internal drivers for change at the Texas Plant is the need to address the straining relationship between management and the employees, a measure that was expected to bring sanity in the operative measures of the plant.…

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