The Pioneers Of Cognitive Development Essay

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Piaget is considered one of the pioneers of cognitive development in children. His studies focused on the importance of the education of children theoretically and not specifically the methodology.
The central idea of Piaget’s theory is that children develop their own theories of the world around them and these theories are based on interactions with not only the environment but also the people within it.
He describes how children use “schemas” or actions to gain information about their environment and this is how children fundamentally grow and develop. As a child’s understanding of situations grows so to does their understanding of their individual world. This is set within Piaget’s framework of four sequential stages each needing to be achieved prior to progression.
Piaget saw that the essence of knowledge was not rote learning fact but about adapting information in order to make sense of it. In essence learning through trial and error.
Another theorist Vygotsky shared a number of similar views with Piaget. However one noticeable differing opinion is that Vygotsky believes in the importance of relationships and interactions between children and what he refers to as MKO’s or More Knowledgeable People. It is his opinion that these MKO’s provide a means of “scaffolding” (Berk, 1996) that enhances and deepens the learning experience of a child. Essentially the scaffolding provides support for more difficult problems whilst the child is developing but then is removed as the…

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