The Picture Of The Eyes Essay

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From the background color to the texture of the brush strokes this painting feels complete. We do not see what is around him, we do not see a complete individual, but the artist has given a complete picture of the man portrayed.
When looking at this bearded old man there is not a longing for more of the portrait. That creates a feel of unity and completion of the piece.
The texture in this painting implies worn skin with a rough and wrinkled feel.
While there is no defined end to the man’s hair and beard the texture is different for each. The top to of head appears more smooth while the mustache appears more course.
The eyes are employ a deep and uninterrupted flow of knowledge.
This movie is set in a peaceful community, with no questions, emotions, pain, or choice.
There is one person in the community with the memories of when there was pain, questioning, and pleasure. This is the story of the memories being taught to an individual of the younger generation.
The creators of the movie “The Giver” began the film in black and white, the community has no concept of color this introduces the audience to the world of the characters. They also created a different look for the events occurring at the time of the story and the memories that are shared to Jonas. This helps the audience decipher what they are seeing as well.
The point of view in this film swaps between a first person view of the main character, Jonas, to a third person view watching Jonas and his…

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