The Piano Lesson, This Artful Theater Production Essay examples

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When the past is often discussed, few truly recognize the importance of how previous trails aid with the development of the future. Knowledge gained from prior actions, and their consequences after, are vital in survival and preparation for upcoming tribulations. In August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson, this artful theater production expresses how the past provides the necessary understanding to prepare for the following difficulties. Bernice in The Piano Lesson conveys how the past, and former problems— such as her husband’s death— are astoundingly significant towards overcoming obstacles that will come. Past tribulations can be learned from to overcome new ones, which reveals that the past’s defeats are essential for future triumph.
How often do we consider how wise we are, thanks to the occurrences that we once thought were inconvenient— but had made us more knowledgeable for uprising problems to come? Bernice in The Piano Lesson portrays this throughout the text. For example, her past tribulations create a stubborn, determined, and seemingly bitter woman; Boy Willie, her brother, states that she’s “still trying to be stuck up” (1209), which conveys how she has put up an intimidating front to avoid drama her other relatives may give her. However, she had not always been that way. Bernice was once left in a vulnerable, helpless state, one that, as the story unfolds, reveals that her former problems had rightly made her change: her husband Crawley had died, and Bernice still…

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