The Piano Analysis Essay

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The Piano
Directed by: Jane Campion

The Piano is a film about passion, the most basic and primal element of human nature. Passion ultimately cannot be denied. This is something that the characters in this movie learn in different and sometimes unpleasant ways.
Ada (Holly Hunter) is a Scottish widow who has not talked since she was six years old. Her silence veils a deeply passionate and willful nature. She speaks in sign language with her nine-year-old daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) and writes messages on a tablet hanging from her neck. To give Ada a new lease on life, her father arranges a marriage for her with Stewart, a landowner in New Zealand.
When mother and daughter land in this wild and primitive place, arrives on the stormy
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He then asks Ada to give him lessons. She learns that he will sell the piano back to her in exchange for amorous favors. A glimpse of her shoulder, a caress of her leg, are turned into a slow erotic “dance”. At first, this crude man’s advances repulse Ada. Then her desire is aroused and finally her passion.
Holly Hunter conveys Ada's multi-dimensional journey into passion. She speaks her mind through the music she plays.
Gaines is the first to recognize her passion. Together, they make music of another kind. Stewart, on the other hand, is frightened of his new wife's intensity and put off by her efforts to have her own way.
The Piano is one of the most passion-filled films I have seen. It shows how a person’s soul can be revealed through the fusion of body, desire, and feeling.
Ada, uses her senses. Through touch, sight, sound, and smell, she finds her direction and opens the door to a new way of being.
The path of passion in The Piano has its consequences. Young Flora is the first to realize that something is going on between her mother and Gaines. She lets her stepfather know that there are no sounds of the piano during Ada's lessons.
Stewart goes to Gaines's cabin and witnesses their lovemaking. In a fit of rage, he locks his wife up and cuts off a finger so she would not be able to play the piano. His sexual jealously gets the better of him when Ada escapes and tries to reach Baines. This is an especially cruel punishment to

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