The Physics Of The Atomic Theory Essay

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The atomic theory has come a long way since 400 B.C.E when the atomic model looked like a billiard ball, it is a very fundamental part of modern chemistry. About twenty four hundred years ago the first supporters of an atomic theory were the Greek philosophers Leucippus and Democritus who proposed the theory that matter could not be divided into smaller and smaller pieces over and over, he called these tiny pieces atomos. This comes from the meaning “cannot be cut”. He thought that atoms were small, hard and were made up of the same things but came in all different shapes and sizes. Atoms were infinite, always jiggling and joining together. More than two thousand years later, in the early 1800’s the Chemist John Dalton came across a new theory through many of his experiments. He came up with the theory that elements are composed of atoms and that atoms are indivisible and indestructible. He also states that atoms of the same element are exactly alike and atoms of different elements are different. The last theory he created is that compounds are created by joining two or more atoms of different elements. This theory went on to become one of the foundations of todays chemistry. Another law was created by Lavoisier, a french chemist who came up with the idea that the total mass of the products of a chemical reaction is always the same as the total mass of the starting materials taken in by the reaction. His results led to one of the fundamental laws of chemical behavior, the…

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