The Physics Of A Magnetic Flux Essay

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Electromagnetism is the interaction between magnetic fields and either electric fields or currents. Michael Faraday was the physicist who brought this phenomenon to the scientific world. It turns out that a current is produced when there is a change in a magnetic field. When looking at a circular electric wire connected to an ammeter, a magnet moving towards the wire causes a positive current. Where as when the magnet is not moving, there is no current. Moreover, the ammeter shows a negative current when the magnet moves away from the electric wire. Alternatively, when the wire is moved and the magnet is held stationary, a current is also produced. All of the following scenarios fall under electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetism brings the concept of a magnetic flux. Magnetic flux is the number of magnetic field lines that pass through a surface. The formula for a magnetic flux is ΦB = BA. When looking at an illustration of magnetic field lines, the magnetic flux is calculated quite easily because “the value of the magnetic flux is proportional to the total number of lines passing through the loop” (Serway and Vuille, 2011). There would be no induced current if there were no change in magnetic flux. The produced current is called an induced current “because it is produced by an induced emf [or voltage]” (Serway and Vuille, 2011). The concept of a magnetic flux is crucial in calculating the induced voltage. Faraday’s law mathematically defines emf as ε= -N ∆ΦB/∆t where t…

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