The Philosophy Of The Bible Essay

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Proverbs is one of the books, in the Bible, that teaches Hebrew wisdom. Furthermore, it helps explain the teaching of wisdom in regards to marriage, family, relationships and many other things. It says, in The Essence of the OldTestament: A Survey, (2012), that “it is important to remember that the consistent thematic emphasis throughout the book of Proverbs is the praise of wisdom in all of its manifestations” (Hindson & Yates, 2012). Now, it is important to note that the book of Proverbs really elaborates on the fact that the key to wisdom and knowledge is the fear of the Lord. Therefore, we need to try and rely on the Lord by trying to make every decision that is based on what He wants for the life that a person lives. First, the Hebrew teaching that is taught in the book of Proverbs focuses on the differences between wise and unwise men. King Solomon was known to be very wise. wisdom. Wisdom and folly go together in Solomon’s proverbs. Reason being , Solomon was one of the only people who knew and could tell the difference between the two. Hebrew poetry is used, in Proverbs, to “express emotion, facilitate worship, and to instruct in wisdom” (Hindson & Yates, 2012). God uses this to teach people how to better their lives. God’s plan is for a person to use the teachings of wisdom as the way a person should be living against. It discusses in The Essence of the Old Testament: A Survey, (2012), that “lazy behavior results in poverty while diligence results in…

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