The Philosophy Of Student Affairs Essay

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By taking a look into the philosophies of student affairs you have essentially embarked on a journey through history. To understand the roots of the profession in American scholars must dig deep into the past to understand the present. Student Affairs developed from a need to mobilize a group of professionals at the collegiate level to meet the needs of students. The philosophies provided a framework and guidelines to unite student affairs professionals under a common cause. It challenged them to be intentional and think critically about the issues and needs students were facing at various times in history. Student Affairs professionals realized there was an intense need to focus on the students learning experience outside of the classroom. At the beginning of higher Education student population were smaller and less diverse, but as the student body diversified so did the field. The size of universities also increased, and that triggered the system of professionals to more diverse. The field became more specialized and unified under professional originations to conquer the challenged of providing students services. The philosophies all reflect the era they were created in. Although the philosophies have difference they all share a common realization for the need to focus on educating the student outside of the classroom to prepare them for life.

The Student Personnel Point of View 1949 (SPPV) was the second philosophy to develop in higher education. It was a follow up to…

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