The Philosophy About The Four Idols Essay

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The Philosophy about the Four Idols
1. What are the 4 idols? (Do not just name them. Explain them.)
There are four classes of idols which are named Idols of the Tribe, Idols of the Cave, Idols of the Market Place, and the Idols of the Theater. These idols give evidence as to how the human mentality, posture, and lives works.
For example; the Idols of the Tribe determines that sometimes the human being tends to follow the dictates from false prophets. The main reason for this is because we have learned how to depend on the leaders of today instead of making the decisions on major issues by ourselves and/ or in groups.
By following these prophets and false prophets, human beings tend to let their emotions get in their ways of vision and control the ways of their lives. If we let our emotions control us then we will always imagine things that have never happened and keep making excuses due to the hallucinations that we are having. We should consider to stop, analyze, and learn how to deal with stress, learn to listen more, and start demonstrating support for one another more often. Only by doing this will the world be able to become a better place and have unity as one.

The second idols which are the Idols of the Cave explains that the major problem with the human being is that we depend on the spiritual world, spiritual figurines, and religious books to show us the answers to our problems. Instead of having dependency on these articles, we should start looking around us…

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