The Philosophical View Of Relativism Essay

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Title: In Defense of Relativism
Name: Jun Hao Li
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In Defense of Relativism
The philosophical view of relativism states that the moral codes of a culture are all products of the society’s upbringing and that there is no moral code that is superior to another moral code because of the drastically different cultures each society possesses. Therefore, relativists believe it is intolerant of us to judge other cultural practices as immoral, unethical, or wrong. Opponents of relativism argue that if relativism were to be adopted, we would not be able to say the actions of another society is bad . Furthermore, if relativism were to be adopted, our belief of moral progress would be called into question. I support relativism and argue against the first argument by stating that morality did not progress, it merely changed to fit our current moral codes, thus making it appear as if morality has progressed. To the second argument, I present what is known as “ethnocentric relativism”, in which one, like a relativist, believe that no moral code is superior, but also, like a ethnocentric, holds his or her society’s moral code to be true and would prefer it over any other moral codes.

Outline Relativism
Relativism is the view that truth and false,right and wrong are all subject to one’s upbringing, cultural environment, and are the product of “differing conventions and frameworks of assessment and that their…

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