Essay about The Philippines : A Christian Nation

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The Philippines are a Christian nation in Asia with eighty-six percent of the citizens being Roman Catholics. It was Christianized by the Spanish, who conquered the island-chain in the sixteenth century. Filipinos practice the religious ideologies concerning death and their funeral services in accordance with Catholicism. Many aspects that appear in Filipino burial practices involve cultural superstitions and traditions. Once someone has passed it’s important that a priest bless the body so that the deceased will go to heaven. A Chinese-Filipino custom involves hiring professional mourners to expedite the process. The body of the deceased is fixed up and laid out in the home. Family members do not attend at that time. The process could last from three to seven days, allowing friends and family to say their last goodbyes. Filipinos believe the body must remain intact for the dead to resurrect. A funeral takes place, a Mass is given and a burial follows. A rosary is laid in the deceased hands and the coffin is reopened for another last goodbye. Some Filipinos break the rosary to prevent another death in the family, and children wear red so the spirit will not haunt them. The grave sites are cleaned, covered with flowers and candles are lit to help with prayer. Food is served during this time. Karen says,
“Once the funeral is over family and friends get together for a small meal after nine nights of prayer. The last night ends with a huge feast that is to celebrate the life of…

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