The Philippine Capital Of Manila Essay

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The Philippines has seen many governments under its control with its early declaration as a Spanish colony to a territory of the United States towards the end of the 1800’s. Under Spanish rule the Philippines had governors appointed over areas of the Philippines just as the British had with the United States prior to the Revolutionary War. The creation of the Philippine Capital of Manila was done during the 16th century, then Governor of the Philippines, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. He situated the capital there as a means for trade with China, India, and the East Indies, and this was the site of indigenous town that they conquered the year before. The Spanish would hold strong government rule of the Philippines until its decline in the Spanish-American War. Over time the Spanish would change over to a colonial rule as did the British did with the 13 colonies in the Americas. There were several revolutions leading up to the loss of power with Spain one prime example was the 1896 Philippine Revolution. The 1896 Revolution was a result of young Filipinos being able to study in Europe and become Enlightened by “the Propaganda Movement the injustices of the Spanish colonial government and the “frailocracy” (Philippine History, n.d.). This was the same reasons the American Revolution started, with the colonist they were not getting the representation that they deserved. The colonist did not have a say in any business, and laws pertaining to them. With the Philippine Revolution the…

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