Stages Of Mental Health Essay

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1. What are the phases/stages of mental health?
2. How many people suffer from mental health and why?
3. Where can people get help and how long does is it take?
The Flu is an illness, which can be cured. So is mental health. But when people hear about someone with anxiety or another mental issue they don 't want to hear about it. Why? Mental health has many different phases and stages which determine how severe the illness is and the amount of time it will take to recover. There are many reasons someone might become depressed or anxious and it is so common especially in New Zealand. People who become depressed need help, and often get counseling and this can take lots of time to recover from even mild depression.

Mental health and depression are difficult to analyze and put into
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However, there are some general stages that people go through. According to mental health America there are 4 specific categories patients get put in. At Stage 1, a person begins to show symptoms of a mental health condition. In stage one the person is still able to function as normal and can maintain a reasonable amount of focus throughout the day however in stage 2 mentalhealth america states that in stage 2 Symptoms Increase in Frequency and Severity and Interfere with Life Activities and Roles. The person will appear to be more on edge and their performance at school or work will become less impressive as the person can 't concentrate as well as previously. Once you get too stage 2 some people become frustrated and it creates a snowball effect which will carry on getting worse if help is found. It further states in mental health america that in stage 3 Symptoms Worsen with Relapsing and Recurring Episodes Accompanied by Serious Disruption in Life Activities and Roles In stage 3 the person will have very serious issues and this has meant that the person is struggling to remain in a healthy state. The

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