What Is Social Psychology?

If one has ever given great thought to why we act the way we do, or the reason why our attitudes change or develop a certain way, one will be thinking of social psychology. Social psychology studies many aspects and variables that impact situations. Social psychology and those that study social psychology are able to answer many questions as to why some people are better leaders than others and to why someone is better at a certain position rather than others. Social psychology is a form of studies that use scientific methods to figure out how we think, feel and the behavior of us as humans. What social psychology does is that it can fully understand human’s behavior in various social situations and environment. Specifically social psychology …show more content…
Each of these as mentioned earlier greatly influence the way we perceive others because of how we perceive ourselves. When one is trying to figure out who they are, the question of who am I? always arises. With this said, self-concept focuses on all of the things that one knows about themselves. What one knows about themselves are things that they find to be true, which includes their beliefs, attitudes and opinions; according to (Feenstra, 2013). Because self-concept is how we see ourselves, it is important to also note that this is why self-concept can change frequently. Awareness is a huge factor that leads one to think a certain way and perceive others in a different light. What awareness is, complies of ones thoughts, feelings and desires which is another name for private self-awareness (Feenstra, 2013). Awareness is primarily split into two categories, one is private self-awareness and the other being public self-awareness. Both of these type of awareness’s affect how you interact with others. For example, in the case of private self-awareness, if you are nervous talking to a celebrity, then that would be private self-awareness. The fact that you are nervous and that only you know why makes it private awareness. Along with that, also being the only one to actually know how you feel is also linked to private self-awareness. Being aware of one’s environment deeply affects how one interacts with others. Since private self-awareness is internal, this then makes public self-awareness external. Public self-awareness is how one presents themselves and how they seem look in front of others. Public self-awareness is dressing to impress because it is known that you are being judged on that as well. Although self-schemas and self-concept are often used interchangeably, self-schemas are quite different. Self-schemas often involve organized categories of the same information (FEENSTRA). Self-schemas are also known to

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