The Persiansian War: The Battle Of The Persian War

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The day has finally come! The war is officially over. After 43 years of hard work and dedication, we have defeated the Persians. For some of you that don’t know what has been going on, let me paint a picture of what has happened during this time.

In 490 BC the Persian war started. After the Ionians won the Ionian War against the Persians (with lots of help from the Greeks) in 499 BC, the Persians and their King Darius wanted to conquer Greece more than anything. The Persians also wanted to expand their area as well. This war happened in many different places. Greece, Egypt, Thrace, Cyprus, Aegean Islands, Anatolia, and more. There were many different people that helped Persia with this war. The most important person of all was a man named
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He had convinced the Athenians to begin a navy-building project ahead of time, and had foreseen trouble many years ahead.

Now we’ll learn about all the different battles that went on during the Persian War. The first battle was launched by King Darius in 490 BC against the Greek decision was made to battle Persia at once. This battle was called The Battle of Salamis, and started in 480 BC. After the famous naval battle was over, Greece won a drastic and dramatic battle over the large Persian Army. The Persian Navy was destroyed. The Battle of Salamis ended in 480 BC. King Xerxes went back to Persia, leaving his brother-in-law in charge of the conquered region. Most citizens of Athens retired to the Peloponnesian Peninsula (the Peloponnesus), where they waited anxiously for the Persians to attack.

That following spring, the Greeks realized that the Persians weren’t coming back. So, the Greek Army went to meet them in open battle in 479 BC. After a whole lot of thinking, delay, and hesitation, a huge battle was fought in Platea. This battle was called The Battle of Platea. Here was where the Greeks won the Persian War. The Persian War ended in 449

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