Causes Of Persian Wars

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The Persian wars were battles between Greece and the Persian empire, this war started in 490 BCE and ended in 479 BCE. Greece is a country in the south eastern area of Europe and wasn’t united as a country but split into many different city-states. Athens and Sparta(who were great enemies) eventually combined forces to fight against Persia. At the time, the Persian empire was the biggest empire that conquered from southern Egypt to Eastern India. It was founded in 550 BCE by Cyrus the great. The cause of the war was because of the Ionian revolt. The Ionia revolt was a group of Ionian rebels that fought the Persians after they found out that the Persian empire had taken over them. Before Ionia was conquered by Persia, it was conquered by Lydia until Persia conquered Lydia along with Ionia. Ionia decided to fight back and with the …show more content…
The Greeks knew that if they lose than they would have to loin the giant Persian empire. Obviously the Greeks didn’t want this to happen but the Persians did. Although Athens and Sparta did combine forces and united to fight Persia, during the war “Athens formed the Delian League”. This made them fight better for the sake of Greece and for Athens to become the stronger city-state. Also Greece’s history of fighting the behaviour of the Greeks and the way the fought. One of the biggest causes of the Greeks’ attitude in war was their gods. To the Greeks, gods were a major aspect in life for the Greece overall. They turned to their gods for guidance and assistance in the war. One of the gods, that they mostly asked help for was Apollo because it is said that he can tell the future/make oracles. Their culture in fighting, their beliefs in gods, and their scheme for who becomes the more important city all are part of their attitude of the Greeks during the wars. Their attitude and thought were a very useful in succeeding their goal of defeating the

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