The Perks Of Living At California Essay

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The Perks of Living in California Compared to Arizona:
Experiences are what generate opinions from others. Depending on how the experience was will ultimately determine someone 's opinion type (positive or negative). Living in two different states at two different stages in my life has some sort of influenced connotation on where I’d prefer to live; however, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of living in California. California is a better place to live in because of the opportunities, diversity, and atmosphere. Although we, Americans, may live on the “land of opportunities,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that still everyone is given a justified opportunity. Arizona is currently ranked 48 in education, whereas California is ranked 43 (Bernando). That may not seem like much of a difference; yet, there are so many factors that tie in to the ranking of California- one of them being population. California has a higher population than Arizona. Because California has a higher population and is still ranked higher than Arizona makes Arizona seem worse because we have a smaller population and we can’t seem to get it together educationally. Education is an opportunity because it provides students the privilege of advancing in to some sort of trade or career after adolescence. By not providing students a justified and or equal education, we are depriving our children growth development. This in turn creates a division of the amount of stellar professionals in each…

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