The Perception Of Masculinity And Masculinity Essays

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The reason that I picked this quote was not only because of its strong argumentative claim, but one that I could easily identify and find common ground with. From this quote, we learn that how we display and present ourselves in the public is influenced by conventional norm. This norm derives from our culture’s idealization of what femininity and masculinity is, that is, how society defines female and male. Then, it is through this norm that all of us come to know as the criteria for our behaviour, directing our actions and our interaction with others around us. Based on what society expects and demands upon us, we act and present ourselves accordingly to these unwritten rules, with hopes of portraying our gender role accurately that the public would then approve of us as a female/male. The public acts as an audience, watching closely at our every movement and gesture. Should we misact or perform out of our pre-determined boundaries, we face the risk of losing our gender status and might potentially be confronted with our inadequacy as a person. Depending on the context and setting, we may have to adapt ourselves to different situations. Performing it right means that our gender role is clear to our audience and our identity is one that individuals of the same gender category could easily identify with.
In this quote, I find it interesting that the author associated our everyday visible display of ourselves and our actions to that of a performance. This metaphor more or…

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