The Pearl By John Steinbeck Essay

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The Pearl The story The Pearl, many dangerous journeys are made and great things are found that it makes good angels turn to bad demons. John Steinbeck, a famous american author, wrote the novella The Pearl. In the novella, there is an indian man who finds “the pearl of the world” only to see that it brings many challenges. He must sell the pearl to make sure his family lives a long life, but must pass through all the dangers to make his dreams come true. Throughout the novel, what Kino views of important in life changes as he learns to cope with his inner demons.
At the beginning of the story, Kino values his family and his boat. Kino values his family because in the book it says, “sometimes it rose to an aching chord that caught the throat, saying this is safety, this is the Whole,” this was his family. (Steinbeck, 3) Saying the quote shows how much Kino feels around his family in the beginning, and it tells the reader how it feel Whole to him. This proves that Kino values his family because makes him feel whole in the story and protects him. Another value of Kino’s is his canoe because in the book it says, “which was the one thing of value owned in the world.”-Kino’s canoe.(Steinbeck, 14) The quote proves that he values the canoe he owns because it says it is the one thing he owned that he valued. This shows Kino really values the canoe in his life and in the word. Although in the story Kino values his family and his boat at first, his values change due to him finding…

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