The Parental Influence On Children Essay

2160 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
The parental influence on children is tremendous. A child’s entire life can be influenced from just one event that was shared with a parent figure. It can create a lifetime of anguish and suffering for the child. Amir’s childhood had an absence of a father. He was not provided the nurturing at a young age that is needed for a child. In the Kite Runner, Amir’s actions can be traced back to the internal struggles he faced brought on by his father’s neglect. From the beginning, there was evidence that Amir suffered from neglect. Through his whole life, he was searching for the love of his father. He would do anything to accomplish his goal. He was constantly competing with Hassan for Baba’s love. Eventually, Amir’s psychological understanding of this competition had gone too far. Amir had witnessed Hassan being raped by Assef. Instead of running to get help, or even trying to stop Assef himself, Amir stood there. He had his eyes on the kite he had just recently cut to earn Baba’s love. He could not move. He could not do anything because he was fighting yet another battle inside his head. At Hassan’s expense, Amir had won a small silver of Baba’s love. Hassan had to endure a painful and life changing experience, so that Amir could feel slightly loved. This leads to Amir’s second betrayal of Hassan. After the rape, it is expected that Hassan’s whole personality. He becomes quiet and reserved, which only draws more attention to him. Amir is again ignored for the sake of Hassan.…

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