Essay on The Panama Canal

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The Panama Canal. For quite a long time, travel between the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean required a long trip. A canal in Panama would shorten the voyage between the two oceans greatly. This was the basis of the idea unto creating the Panama Canal. In 1881, a private French company had previously attempted to construct such a canal as well. The project would last twenty years and would later eventually be scrapped due to financial problems. In the end the French had ended up spending close to 300,000,000 on the project. I find it quite ironic that even with such a long amount of time and a large sum of money that the project was eventually scrapped . In the early 1900 's, The Panama Canal was one of the few massive projects the U.S.A. would do that was outside of North America. This showcased the confidence and the political strength the United States had at that era, for this was not an easy undertaking. The Columbian government initially declined the construction of the canal. Theodore Roosevelt later convinced the Panamanians to revolt against its government. After which Theodore Roosevelt was able to begin the construction of the Panama Canal. In 1904, work had begun for the American Panama Canal project and would later on take several more years to complete. This was the largest civil and structural engineering project at the time. 'Why build a canal? ' you may ask. During the early 19th century, the development of machine technology and logistics allowed the…

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