Essay on The Ozone House Has Provided A Free Shelter For Runaway

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391,735 children, in the Metro-Detroit and South Central counties of Michigan, suffer from neglect, abuse, and homelessness. Youth facing these adversities are often victim to effects of mental disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD), educational and behavioral disabilities, improper brain development, and substance abuse. Many children, who have these effects, are unaware of places in their community where they can receive support. Since 1969, The Ozone House has provided a free shelter for runaway, homeless, and high-risk youth in Washtenaw County. Being aware of the existence, uniqueness, and the impact that the Ozone House provides helps youth in unstable environments find a safe and supportive place.
A community outside of just my family,” describes the Ozone family says Paris Addie, illustrator, poet, and former Ozone client. At the door, I was welcomed with a hello from a staff member wearing jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. That attire reflexes the homey and energetic environment the Ozone community embodies and provides for at-risk youth. A safe place and real support is the Ozone motto. First they offer food, drink, shower, or laundry to attend to basic needs. They build rapport, using the term youth instead of child to respect that adolescence and childhood are not alike. Teaching life skills by assessing what individuals want out of the program and what their personal goals are to ensure they have a support system. The Ozone community creates a family bond. Youth…

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