The Overpopulation Of The Global Population Essay

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One of many global issues that we are facing on this earth is the overpopulation of this planet. The overpopulation has been increasing due to the number of factors. Here are two main factors, technological advances, and medical discoveries. But at the same time, the earth could have the capacity to carry or hold over 7.5 billion of humans and counting (as in 2016) and how about in the future years and decades to come? Because of countries might not be able to maintain a basic standard of living. In this paper, we will discuss the evolution of the global population. As a matter of fact, if we are going back in history. The Year Anno Domini (A.D.) 1, and the population was over 1 million. With the Roman Empire, mainly located in central Italy, but his empire covers the entire Mediterranean and much of western Europe. And The Han Dynasty located in China and it is one of the longest major dynasties. And with that came “Silk Road.” Probably, the first exchange of language, science, disease (smallpox’s and measles) and other civilization exchange. With the Silk Road came the exchange of cultures and new ideas, but with that came the “black plague” where nearly half of European citizens were dying from this horrible plague. Not to mention, with the Golden Age of India (around 500 A.D.). The population in the world was 179 million and counting. During the golden age, the empire invented the math decimal system and advancement in medicine and vaccinations were made; which…

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