The Ottoman Empire Essay

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The Ottoman Empire in 1910 had just undergone a period of remarkable transformation, seeking to reverse their long descent in terms of balance of power. The Young Turk revolution had just removed from power a system of government that for the last 300 years had led the Ottoman Empire to the brink of destruction. They believed weak central authority and an economic policy that did little to serve the Ottoman people had dominated Ottoman politics for many years, and the Young Turks looked optimistically at the removal of this system. The coffee houses of 1910 would have been lively with debate regarding the disastrous policy of the past. The ethics of imperialism, the economics of increasing public and foreign debt, and the leap to modernity would have been a welcomed intellectual discussion at this time. 1910 would be a period of great reflection for the people of the empire, as they looked keenly for a direction to take themselves in, looking to not make the mistakes of the past.
The Turks of 1910 would have had a keen mind focusing on the benefits and drawbacks of foreign intervention within their newly inherited empire. The troubled empire had been facing a decaying economic and political situation for most part of the 18th century. To counter this downward decline, a series of reforms were introduced by Sultan Mahmud II in an attempt to increase the centralized authority of the empire, allowing for better regulation of its citizens. In a late edict describing the initial…

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