The Ottoman Empire Essay example

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The Ottoman Empire is known to many for its military achievements. While they exceled in the art of war, they were also art enthusiasts. They contributed beautiful buildings to the world in the form of mosques with symmetry and balance, as well as significant contributions to ceramics and textiles.
The Ottomans used the area of Beylerbeyi, lying on the Asain shore of the Bosphorus, as an imperial park. The sultans used this area to build several country houses and pavilions as well as a wooden waterfront palace built by Sultan Mahmud II in 1829. The wooden palace was demolished by Sultan Abdulaziz to build the Beylerbeyi Palace with the direction of architect Sarkis Baylan. The main purpose of this building was as a summer home or to house “foreign heads of state visiting the Ottoman capital” including the Prince of Serbia the King of Montenegro, Empress Eugenie of France and the Sah of Iran.
The floor plan of the palace includes three levels, with two main stories and a basement. There are three entrances, six large rooms and 26 small rooms. The interior design of the palace is a combination of western and eastern styles; however, the layout of the rooms “follows that of a traditional Turkish house, consisting of a central sofa with closed rooms situated at the four corners.” The floors are first covered with rush matting to protect it’s guests from extreme heat and cold, then laid over this is the large carpets and kilims. The building is furnished with “exquisite…

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