Essay on The Other Wes Moore : A Life Sentence

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The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore juxtaposes the lives of two men who grew up in similar environments but ended up taking diverging paths. The author Wes Moore perseveres through the hardships he faced and ends up a Rhodes Scholar, whereas the other Wes Moore is dealt a life sentence. The author poses the question, “Do you think we are all just products of our environments?” Due to their ostensibly similar upbringings, one may suggest that the antithetical outcomes of the two Wes Moores were caused by the individual choices made by them, but upon closer look it is evident that specific subsets of their environment impacted each of them for better or for worse. The single most important factor of socialization is family. Children adopt the ideals and values of their parents and siblings. The families of each of the Wes Moores had substantial influences on their lives, manifested most vividly through their parents. The author grew up under the supervision of parents who constantly motivated him to excel. Despite the early passing of author Wes’s father, the legacy he left had a tangible effect on his son. Author Wes was given the middle name “Watende” by his father, translating to “revenge will not be sought”, and this descriptive trait became entrenched in his life. (6). During his time at military school, author Wes was harassed with a derogatory racial term and instead of retaliating, he “thought about [his] father and the name he chose for [him].” (121). Moreover,…

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