The Other Side Of Poaching Essay

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The Other Side of Poaching Poaching has decimated endangered species and has driven certain animals to the brink of extinction. This form of hunting has caused animals like The West African Black Rhino and the Pyrenean Ibex to go extinct. Some believe people illegally hunt these animals for profit and sport; however, an article on the BBC puts this belief into question. In the article “The Real Reason Why People Poach Endangered Species” the author, Kara Segedin, states that some of the poachers are killing the animals to feed their families. Segedin uses a South African filmmaker, James Walsh, to further her points of poachers motives for illegally hunting animals. The use of Walsh in the article helps build credibility, being as Walsh had conducted his own investigation into the motives behind poaching and has met with former poachers. By using ethos, logos, and pathos, Segedin efficiently convinces the reader to sympathize with the poachers, as most only poach to feed themselves.
The use of Walsh in the article helps build ethos through Walsh’s credibility, for the reason that he is an experienced filmmaker and conducted an investigation into the motives behind poaching, as he was tired of hearing one side to the narrative. In the process of investigating, Walsh makes a film documenting interviews with two former poachers, one of them was critically injured because of poaching, and discusses what motivated them to poach and why they stopped poaching. The critically…

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