The Origins Of The And Riel Rebellion Essay

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The Métis/ Riel rebellion is one that echoes in Canadian history. It is the cause for much distress on both the rebel and the side of the government of Canada. This tail includes different rebellions which intertwine together; the Red River Rebellion, and the North West Rebellion. The Red River rebellion itself dates back to 1869 and ended in 1870, while the North West Rebellion occurred in 1885; which was a quick and deadly revolution (New, 2002:826). The lead up to these historic event date back much earlier than 1869. Multiple events collided together resulting with the people in what is known today as Manitoba, coming together and revolting against the Canadian Government. All in which that dates back to the 1850’s. Throughout this essay the topics surrounding the causes of this rebellion will be discovered; focusing primarily on the fear of losing the culture of those that inhabited the West by Anglophonic Canada, including the disregard of native treaties, and disputes over land that at times became quite hostile. Before proceeding in to the causes it is important to understand what this revolution entailed. Many Métis, farmers, hunters, and Native Americans inhabited the colony known as Rupert’s Land; a colony that had once been ruled by those that inhabit it, but at this point in history it has been transferred to the new nation of Canada. The Métis/Louis Rebellion; otherwise known as the North-West Rebellion, was a battle between the Canadian government and those…

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