The Origins Of The American Revolution Essay

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Canada was formed through a series of wars and conflict on a global level. Formed in 1783 by the treaty of paris which divided canadian lands amongst the spanish, british and french colonists. Canada officially declared its independence in 1931 however lower canada declared its independence in 1838. The main war leading up to the formation of canada was the american revolution with british loyalist against the americans and their allies.
Loyalist or or tories got their name from being loyal to the British empire during the American revolution. Experts estimate that there was approximately a half a million loyalists that were originally deported with other pioneers, and colonists. Most loyalists thought that the americans were radical rebels who used violence and unorthodox methods to obtain freedom that would soon be enveloped by anarchy. Loyalists often came from a higher status than the revolutionists, such as Captain Joseph Allen. The original colonists probably came with their families, and the very first French and British explorer John cabot ventured to newfoundland in 1492 but is debatable whether european viking went before the 10th century or the Century of Lead and Iron and were the first european travelers. Other reports suggest an explorer who traveled during Egypt 's 2nd dynasty made it to America and his adventure was etched in stone. Many other reports of explorers and colonist span out for more than a hundred years. The aboriginal residents of North and…

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