Essay on The Origin Of The Native People

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1. Carlos Fuentes described the civilization discovered by the European in a way that seems, that the native’s people progression has halted and they needed help from others who are more advance (European). Fuentes mentioned the Eurocentric view of why the native people were not advancing. He said “they [Indians] were blessed by nature, but dwarfed by it,” most scholars believe that the Indians were “lazy,” thus making their civilization backwards compared to the rest of the world. However, that was not the case, the native people demonstrated extraordinary abilities in, agriculture, architecture, mathematics, sculpting, and astronomy. Fuentes explained that the native people believed in divinities that represents natural forces and objects that directly affected the material welfare of the people: i.e. the sun, the moon, water, war, and maize. The native people highly believed in sacrifices, especially human sacrifice. They believed that the more people they kill in the name of their specific god, that god will bless them; they essentially will do anything to please their gods. Human sacrifice is preeminent in the Aztec’s and Inca’s society. The social and economic organization across the Americas were similar. At the top of the pyramid, you have the priesthoods (who are said to have direct link of communication with their gods) and warrior nobilities. Followed by highly skilled workers and merchants. Then at the bottom you have the peasants, laborers, and slaves. At home,…

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