The Origin Of Modern Humans Essay

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For about three decades now paleontologists have spent their time researching and analyzing findings of the origin of modern humans only to come to the debate of two different hypothesis: The Multiregional Hypothesis and the Recent African Origins Hypothesis. Through Professor David Zeanah lecture, The Multiregional Hypothesis was explained to be the belief that Homo Erectus left Africa to become Homo Sapiens in divergent areas of the world but were able to be traced back to earlier populations of Homo Erectus from the same region. During the same lecture Professor Zeanah states that The Out of Africa Hypothesis is the belief that the transition from ancient straight to modern Homo Sapiens took place in one population, probably in Africa. Now, although the subject of the origin of modern humans is a widely discussed topic these two hypotheses seem to be the two that have proven evidence and information from scientists, professors and palentonoglist in different regions of the world. While both hypotheses seem credible, I believe that through class lectures, multiple articles and up to date online resources that The Multiregional Hypothesis seems to be the more accurate and legitimate out of the two. Although the search for evidence started decades ago, The Multiregional Hypothesis, stays the truest when analyzing the most recent and modern findings making it a more justifiable case.
In the article African Genesis of Humans the authors, Rebecca L. Cann and Allan C. Wilson…

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