The Origin Of Homo Sapiens Essay

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The origin of Homo sapiens is a theme emanating numerous theories and inquiries regarding where man came from. An example approach is the multiregional hypothesis which suggests that Homo sapiens evolved independently in different parts of the world. Although the Out of Africa theory states Homo sapiens evolved in Africa and replaced Homo erectus, there is evidence which proves this is not the case and that Homo sapiens had evolved within multiple regions instead. The three materials which disapprove the Out of Africa theory and support the multiregional theory are tools that developed regionally, transitional fossils which indicate interbreeding between Neanderthal and Homo sapiens and DNA studies suggesting an independent emergence from Africa. It will be shown that the presence of Homo sapiens was one that did not originate from Africa or involve total replacement of Neanderthals and rather was a regional development involving genetic continuity. There have been a diverse amount of modern technologies excavated throughout the world which did not originate in Africa and demonstrates the regional development of Homo sapiens. In Armenia, refined tone weapons, Levallois and Biface, were developed 325000 years ago due to the tools found at the Nor Geghi 1 site. A researcher, Simon Blockley, stated that, “Due to our ability to accurately date the site in Armenia, we now have the first clear evidence that this significant development in human innovation occurred independently…

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