The Organizational Of Sunni Islam Lacks Real Leadership Structure

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f. The organizational of Sunni Islam lacks real leadership structure. The leaders are simply ones who have spent more time educating themselves in the Islamic religion. They are called Mullahs or Priests. The role of this leader is to simply lead worship services and give religious guidance. Religious leaders are trained at Madrasas, a religious school that is adjacent to the Mosque. Most graduates go on to become leaders in the local mosque as well as primary school teachers. There are several vocational institutes and universities with the largest of them being the University of Dhaka.

g. Bangladesh Provisional Constitution made Bangladesh a secular state and provides free exercise of any religion. In recent years, militant Islam has arrived and become a threat. Despite being a secular state, Islam is the state religion but they not tolerate radicalism.

h. The Bangladeshi judicial system resembles an Anglo-Indian style and function, and does not adhere to Shari’a law. An Islamist group violently attacked the courts and judicial personnel in 2005 because the government wouldn’t honor their demands for Shari’a law. The government fought back against the Jamaat ul Mujahideen in Bangladesh (JMB), arresting and sentencing those found guilty.

i. In 2006, the Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) filed litigation against the Bangladeshi government demanding protection for religious minorities. The HRCBM stated that they want the constitution upheld as it was…

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