Stereotypes In America Research Paper

Josepher Nguyen
Diversity OCE 4
Stereotyping is a dangerous on-going trend in America that has become as prevalent as ever due to increased terrorist activity on our planet. In the recent light of the Paris attacks of 2015, it is important that we address and rectify stereotyping as it relates to terrorists, Islam, and Muslims. It is important that we educate our peers, and ourselves, because in void of knowledge, innocent lives have and will continue to be affected and lost. Ever since the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, some Americans had a negative outlook on the Muslim community. The educational board should educate children on the Muslim religion to discover perspectives past their biased opinions. At such as crucial time,
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Studies show that about half of the American population considers Islam to be more connected to violence and terrorism than other religions. On the other hand, an FBI study found that 94% of terrorist attacks between 1980 and 2005 were NON Muslim. This shows the American inability have respect for people they are unknowledgeable of. In reality, Islam is a religion that promotes peace, compassion, love, and kindness; the most important characteristics of Islam that most Americans fail to apprehend. Muslims do not associate themselves with terrorists and think they go against Islam. Therefore, many Muslim Americans feel like outcasts in their own …show more content…
It 's a hasty conclusion drawn from not being knowledgeable on the religion. Muslim Americans are Americans who are practice a religion; something that should not be frowned upon. Most of America does not understand the tenants of Islam yet still blame Muslims for terror they have not done. As Americans and human beings we should be sure to educate kids on Muslim culture before we wrongly make generalizations to the culture as a whole by exposing them to what it’s like to be a Muslim; we should teach the reality of Islam, equality, and unity. For the sake of future generations, American’s need better education.

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