The Organization Structure For C & C Grocery Store Inc. Essay

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In 1947, brothers Doug and Bob Cummins started a small grocery store in Charlotte, North Carolina concentrating on meat and produce products. The grocery store was an immediate success. By 1985, they moved C&C headquarters from North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia and by 1997, there were over 200 stores across the country. In the recent years business for C & C grocery stores has been on a downward spiral because of the declining economy, and increased competition from large discount retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Costco Wholesale (Daft, 2013).
The consulting team identified four primary problem areas: the company was slow to adapt to change, the district store supervisor and the store manager roles caused dissatisfaction, the employees rarely cooperated with each other, and the C&C Grocery store long-term growth and development needs to be revisited.
Will the proposed organization work?
The current organization structure for C&C Grocery Store Inc. has caused many issues in the organization and its operations. The proposed divisional organization structure has the potential to address the issues identified by the consultant team. It will also make the organization successful again as well by setting it on the road to being competitive with the large discount retailers. According to Daft, “an organization structure must accomplish two things for the organization. It must provide a framework of responsibilities, reporting relationships, and groupings, and it must…

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