The Oregon Trail, And The Mexican American War Essay

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The people of the United States believed it was their god given right to expand from the Atlantic Ocean, east to the Pacific Ocean, North to Canadian border, and South to Mexico. This idea of Manifest Destiny fueled the expansion into the West. Big indicators of Manifest Destiny were the use of the Oregon Trail, and the Mexican – American War. Despite Manifest Destiny bringing about an increase in sectionalism and conflict, it also allowed for the expansion of territory and fueled movement into the west.

With people moving west into the newly claimed territory, there was controversy whether the territories would become free or slave states. According to the Missouri Compromise, all territory North of the 36˚ 30’ line would be admitted as a free state. (Doc 1) It was questioned whether this compromise was constitutional, because in the long run it gave the people of the North more power in the government, then it gave to the Southern states. (Doc 1) The North was growing, creating bonds and developing an identity, while the South was slowly loosing theirs. (Doc 5) When the country gains new territory through the results of war, it would be unconstitutional for the territory to be declared slavery free, since the Constitutions is what gives the people the right to practice slavery. (Doc 3) There were attempts to decrease the tension between the Northern states and the Southern states. The Wilmot Proviso came about saying that since Texas was deemed a slave state, it would…

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