The Oppression Of South Antebellum Slaves Essay

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Often times, antebellum slaves had to undergo brutal living and working conditions. The constant fight for survival created an overall characteristic of resilience for the slaves. The hardships of malnutrition, disease, and overall abuse brought forth the “tough skin” that slaves needed to survive. Families became an obligatory part of slave life; they were necessary to keep up the spirits and hopes of its members intact. The slaves also used religion to look to some greater purpose for relief in this world, or in the life to come. Due to the harsh nature of slavery, Southern Antebellum slaves sought ways to overcome the hardship of everyday life through incorporation of their African culture into their family structure and religion. These new ideas and values allowed for them to unite against racial oppression and survive this relentlessly brutal era. Since the foundation of America, slaves have been brought into the country almost as steadily as the European settlers. Slavery was introduced in an effort to help settle and cultivate the lands of North and South America. As settlers came to the new world, they needed slaves to help establish and preserve agriculture. As colonists expanded across the country, slaves became more and more necessary. At one point, Native Americans were used as slaves until their inexperience and vulnerability rendered them useless to the settlers; at this point, Africans became the main slave population. As time went on, new technologies such…

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