The Oppression Of Muslim Women Essay

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When Hirsi told Neelie she was running for a position in Holland’s Parliament, she was met with discourse and discouragement. Neelie described her dreams as a “sinkhole,” leading to no actual progression in Muslim society. Despite the low hopes her friend had for her, Hirsi had a mission to speed the process of emancipation for Muslim women. The goals were laid out as such: for Holland to bear witness to the oppression of Muslim women and to punish those who oppressed them, for Muslim women to realize how much they are oppressed and how unacceptable the terrible state they are stuck in, and to spark a discussion of the Muslim culture and religion for the members to question their own beliefs rather than blindly follow.
Hirsi’s election into the Liberal party in parliament got the ball rolling, and with such, she started quickly on her first goal: Holland realizing the oppression of Muslim women. She began speaking with the other members of party about her want to give independent resident papers to women who came to Holland to marry legal immigrants. The party was wanting to lessen the amount of new immigration into Holland, but gave way with the help of the Labor party (Frank de Grave and Gerrit Zalm.) This gave Muslim women the ability to come to the area without being subjugated to the submission to a means to an end that would mostly likely result in an unhealthy and abusive relationship. After having begun the small opening into the lives of Muslim women from the…

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