The Opening Scene Of Gran Torino Essay

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The opening scene of Gran Torino introduced the conflicting relationship that the main character, Walt, had with his family members. This particular scene began in a church in which Walt’s wife’s funeral was being held. Walt watched as his grandchildren filed into the church to pay respect to their deceased grandmother. Contrary to displaying a comforting attitude toward his grandchildren, he stared at all of them in dismay as they each approached their seat inappropriately dressed for the funeral. However, his irritated facial expression transformed into an intense grunt as he watched as his granddaughter entered the church in bright colors and her stomach partially revealed. Walt’s son responded to his father’s nonverbal body movements by saying, “Look at the way the old man glared at Ashley. Can’t even tone it down for mom’s funeral.”
His brother replied by saying, “What do you expect? Dad’s still living in the fifties. He expects his granddaughter to dress a little more modestly.”
This scene revealed Walt’s family members’ choice to embrace a more modernized way of living, which conflicted with Walt’s old-fashioned beliefs and created controversy within their relationship. This particular cultural difference triggered from different age groups negatively impacted their communication because it caused the family members to feel judged by Walt because they did not embrace the old-fashioned beliefs and morals that he believed were critical to possess. The negative impact…

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