The On The Wall Of A Room With High Ceiling Essay

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I scramble to my feet, using the wall for support. I turn, facing my attacker, my hands still on the wall. My composure and all my determination disappears, the second my eyes see the man before me. My jaw drops and for the first time in a long time, fear rushes through me.
I swallow, nervously.
Shaggy black hair, long legs, piercing green eyes and that wick smile.
“Jagger,” I gasp in shock.
Jagger stands less than five feet away from me, and his eyes widen as he actually looks at me. A wide toothy grin slides across his face and excitement flashed through his eyes. “Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” he mocks, taking a step towards me.
I stumble to the side, my back against the wall with nowhere to go. We’re in a massive circular room with high ceilings. The only thing in this room is a bolt bed across from me. There’s no door. Nowhere for me to go.
“What’s wrong, angel? Miss me?” he mischievously teases.
I don’t say a thing, instead, I attack. I may have been weakened, but I have the advantage this time around. I’m faster and stronger. I’m a lot different since we last met and I’ve taken down guys bigger than him. I swing up with my fist aimed for his jaw. However, my fist never makes contact with his face as he instantly redirects my movements, grabbing my wrist, spinning on his heels and pushing me passed him.
Alarmed, I stumble forward, trying to regain my balance. He shouldn’t have been able to do that. But he did with ease and once again I feel like that…

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