The On The Convoluted Paradigm Of Schooling Essay

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Institutionalization of Innate Desires Ever since the dawn of time, humans have possessed the desire to learn and understand the world at a much higher degree than other animals. We have been able to store knowledge through writing, allowing progress to flourish. Understanding the world became accessible to those who crave to know, and who had the wealth at their disposal to afford being taught. However, the modern era gave rise to a new form of teaching. One that impinges upon all individuals of a society the obligation to attend schools, comprehend, internalize the material being taught, and in a sense alter minds in order to please the teacher and advance within the confines of this new form of indoctrination. Once this rigorous process is complete, the individual exits transformed, and molded, allowing him to gracefully fit inside a society that has predetermined expectations for everyone. This essay will analyse and argue the three main elements which aid in perpetuating the convoluted paradigm of schooling. The first being institutions themselves, the second is the process of schooling, and the third explains the lifelong consequences which fabricate a delusional perception towards this type of bureaucratic institution. To begin with, schools are institutions, meaning they comply to a certain perspective within the academic world. This perspective is called “Social Order Theory.” Its belief is that humans need constant monitoring and guidance in their lives to…

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