The Olympics Games Are Major International Sporting Event Essay

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The Olympics Games are major international sporting event in which thousands of athletes compete against each other. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) elects the host from a list of cities that have decided to bid. The prospect of hosting a big event is a serious consideration as there are both advantages and disadvantages. The main question is that if it is worth it or make sense for a country or city to be the host. Hosting the Olympics may be seen as a great investment, and in the past, some countries definitely benefited from it (Herstein & Beger, 2013, p.106). Despite that, it is likely to be a mistake to host the Games because it is extremely costly, can unsettle the city and distract the city from effective, long-term planning.
Hosting the Olympics requires a massive amount of money, and it is a huge investment with no guaranteed return. For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China spent $42 billion (Herstein & Beger, 2013, p.104). London spent $14 billion, Russia spent $50 billion, and Rio’s projected spending is estimated to be $14.4 billion for their respective Olympic Games (If Chicago Had Won the Olympics, 2015, p.110). Zimbalist (2012) writes that high costs would surely be a loss in the short-run (p.116). While some of the host cities in the past made profits in the long-run, there were also many failures. The 1972 Olympics in Munich lost £178 million, the 1976 Games in Montreal lost $1 billion, and the 2004 Games in Athens ended up in a loss as well…

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