The Olympic Games : The World 's Largest Display Of Athletic Skill And Competitive Spirit

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The Olympic Games are the world’s largest display of athletic skill and competitive spirit. There are also displays of nationalism, business and politics. Well-known throughout the world the games have been used to promote understanding and friendship among nations. Among the main themes of the Olympic Games there are relationships that relate to Kinesiology.

One specific event from the 2016 Olympics that had great correlation with the major course of Kinesiology was Simone Manuel’s barrier breaking swim. Simone Manuel’s 100-meter freestyle victory made her the first female African American gold medalist swimmer. Coming into the race Manuel was going to face a tough challenge going up against the Australian sisters Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell as well as Penny Oleksiak from Canada. The swimmers took their stance hoping to win Olympic gold. Simone Manuel was in lane three for the US, Penny Oleksiak was in lane 5 for Canada and the Australian sisters were in lane 2 and 4. The buzzer sounded off and the race began. In the first 50m of the race Manuel was in third place chasing the Australian sisters. The distance between the top 5 swimmers was minuscule. In the finale 20m Cate Campbell and sister Bronte Campbell lost their ground and were surpassed in the final 20m by Simon Manuel, Penny Oleksiak, and Sarah Sjostrom from Sweden. As the commentator screams from enjoyment, Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak tie in a dead heat. The last time there was a dual Olympic gold…

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